Application for Construction and first work samples

The implementation of the construction continues. As mentioned in the last blog post, there is a lot to organize and think about. I signed the building application today and it goes directly to the office by messenger. An architect’s office neatly drew the site plan and the floor plan of the column and prepared all the necessary papers for the application.

The steelworker is already active and starts with the conception. He has already lasered a profile in 5 mm Corten steel. The result meets my/our expectations. Looks great! I met with the lighting designer yesterday and we simulated the effect of the lighting on the old 5 metre corrugated cardboard model. The result was not yet satisfactory and so we continue to work on it.

The city of Hamburg has yet to accept the Column as a gift. It was discussed in online conversations. The structural engineer’s documents are still missing, who is waiting for the core drilling to be evaluated. Keep your fingers crossed that the authorities will follow suit and that everything will go quickly and smoothly so that it can be completed this year.

P.S.: Due to the increased raw material prices, additional construction costs are to be expected. So not all areas for the production of the Column are fully financed yet. In this respect, we have decided to also name sponsors on the column. As originally planned, the names of supporters and some companies will now be mentioned. We continue to rely on private investments (more on this under “Team”).


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Wow! I am overwhelmed! This was an exciting conclusion to the crowdfunding with an unexpected finale, € 19,305 – fantastic! I thank you very much

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