Team and Supporters

Only the idea is a gift!

Even the realisation of the Column of Connectedness was only possible by the joining of forces of many. From the first idea to a successful crowdfunding to the final installation of the first Column, a large number of people have teamed up to create something big having originated from a small thought.

portrait Björn von Schlippe

Björn von Schlippe

Artist and developer of the Column

His mission: to create a place of connection – visible from afar, mysteriously radiant, inviting. He inspires and brings people together.


Olav Schmidt

Carpenter and co-developer

Co-thinker of the first hour and actual heart of Hamburg-Rahlstedt. An absolute stroke of luck for the Column and the team!

portrait Dieter Wendelborg

Dieter Wendelborg

Conceptionist and visionary

Ingenious tinkerer with a large network of specialists with focus on personal exchange, real encounters with people and sustainable business.

portrait Gerrit Groteloh

Gerrit Groteloh

Artists and idea generator

A person with cosmopolitan experience, a clear thinker, conceptual designer and seer in many areas. Specialist in art & design.

portrait Christian Pfaff

Christian Pfaff

Copywriter and artistic director

As much as his way of writing is special, his expertise on the topics of connectedness and the arts is indispensable.

portrait Julian Lorenz

Julian Lorenz

Motion designer and photographer

Now self-employed he is constantly fully booked. However, he is immediately supportive in regards to the Column – lightning-fast and still deeply relaxed.

Klaus-Peter Jebens portrait

Klaus-Peter Jebens

Entrepreneur and patron of the Column

A real doer with a lot of influence His credo: “We’ll make it happen!”

Thomas Ulfig

Civil engineer and surveyor

A quiet man with a clear mind and a lot of experience in “column construction”. We build on his expertise and contacts.

Elgin von Schlippe

Elgin von Schlippe

A thoughtful generator of ideas

Driving force with management skills and foresight, always present and essential for the further development of the pillars.

Andreas Schreib

Lighting designer

With a lot of experience and joy involved in the project.

Roland von Unruh

Civil engineer

Another clever head who asks the essential questions.

Dennis Weimer


With passion, a sense of art and equipped with modern machines, he is the ideal choice for the steel construction.

Katharina Thomsen


An absolute stroke of luck for the team. We are very happy to have them on board. Communicative, creative and well connected.

Conny Zander-Olofsson

Conny Zander-Olofsson

GF Copyfuchs, Vors. Rahlstedter Netzwerk

Associated with the idea of ​​the column from the beginning. Actively supports the project as Rahlstedt’s “Neighborhood Manager”.

Anita von Hertel

Business mediator

With her strength and expertise in dealing with people, she is a great gift for this project.

Stefan Meske

Stefan Meske


Enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the Column and proud to have written the text on the explanatory panel.

Alicia Marocchi Jannots

Photographer and translator

With Argentinian roots, profound language skills and her sociability, she is our gateway to the world. She lives connectedness!

In addition, the following persons and companies participated financially and/or voluntarily (in no particular order) in the development of the Column:

Alexander Ahlvers, Karin Binder, Thomas Brinkmann, Olaf Burmeister, Ole Thorben Buschhüter, Sabine Dierks, Wilfried Eggers, Katrin Frey, Michael Grosse, René Grube, Doreen Gutz, Eva Hasselwarder, Astrid Hennies, Anita von Hertel, Lars Hinrichs, Adrian Hakon Hörmann, Thorsten & Saida Holtz, Alicia Marocchi Jannots, Klaus-Peter Jebens, Sabine Kisvari, Winfried & Anja Kober, Bianca Perry-Kunze, Kai Lucius, Maria & Rainer Lüers, Jörg Meyer, Ursula Nestler, Almut Norden, Conny Zander-Oloffson, Nanne Osgart, Christian Pfaff, Alexander Rosso, Dörte Sammann, Käthe Schanz, Dorothea & Peter von Schlippe, Arist & Gito von Schlippe, Katy Schlüter, Désirée Schütte, Tina Seidel, Virginie Siems, Manuel Stapelfeld, Dagmar Stoeck, Thomas Ulfig, Max Vollert, Wolfgang Tanja, Annabell, Philip Wassmer, Dieter Wendelborg, Phillip von Werder, Tobias Wolff, Jennifer Wroblewski, Regina & Ekkehard Wysocki und viele weitere ehrenamtliche Helfer.

A massive THANK YOU! to all of you.

Willkommen zurück!

Welcome back!