Wow! I am overwhelmed! This was an exciting conclusion to the crowdfunding with an unexpected finale, € 19,305 – fantastic! I thank you very much for this and for your enormous trust in me and the realization of this project! I had a dream that has now become our shared dream and is becoming more and more concrete. The Column Of Connectedness will be beautiful – my promise – and the associated message will shine far into the world. The more I deal with the topic, the more complex and diverse it becomes. Many new aspects have been added, new ideas are developing and are incorporated into the project. Again, my promise: It will remain exciting!

How to move on? Parallel to the funding, the preparations for the erection of the Column were in full swing. Now it continues unabated. Two essential aspects on the way to realisation are the costs and the location, which are closely linked. The costs are higher than initially thought, also because steel and other raw material prices have risen enormously. However, there are still no reliable figures, but there is great trust in the project on the part of politicians, the authorities and many other activists from the district. At the same time, I approached companies from the district as sponsors. They are very interested in getting involved. I can apply for district special funds as soon as the location has been determined. An unexpectedly difficult issue is the location. The place previously targeted by the authorities proved to be unsuitable and has now been changed twice. The authorities are now looking intensively for an alternative in order to find a good and representative place. Concrete implementation could then start as early as this autumn. That would be great!

How about the Thank-You gifts for you guys? My studio is already looking desolate, because there are prepared drawings and other Thank Yous ready for you everywhere, which will find their way to you in the next few days and weeks. For the booked portraits I sometimes need photos or you to visit my studio. This will all work as promised in the coming weeks and months. Everyone whose profile will be applied to the column will receive extra mail from me. So, that was a detailed update on the ColumnOf Connectedness. I hope you feel sufficiently informed and continue to be closely connected to the project and the idea behind it.

For me, this crowdfunding was a tremendous experience and a wonderful feeling to be supported in this way. I am very grateful to you all for that!
Kind regards and stay connected!


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