The development of the Column is progressing

After a number of regional assemblies and meetings with politicians, civil servants, local residents and the Wandseterrasse Round Table, the location of the column has now finally been fixed (photo montage page 4) and approved. Unfortunately, further development was severely delayed by illness and the war in Ukraine. The building materials, above all the steel prices, have exploded and make it difficult to estimate the total costs. But what makes me very happy: Despite the current shortage of materials, the cost estimates for the column have so far remained within the estimated framework. This is certainly also due to the good relationships and the enthusiasm of the contributors!

Another piece of good news: many of the people involved in the development are working on the project, some of them on a voluntary basis, and with a lot of enthusiasm. It’s amazing what it takes to build the pillar. For example, test drillings are necessary to clarify the condition of the ground and current aerial photos to ensure that there are no duds from World War II lying there.
Companies were sought and fortunately found that tackle the task competently and creatively and already have initial work samples (steel construction, lighting) in development. Concept drawings have been created. Structural engineers, concrete workers and road builders have been requested and will promptly forward costs. A large regional investor with a great deal of experience in the construction industry is actively involved in the implementation. Together we will get more sponsors on board.

The profiles have now been prepared for further processing. In the Column there are now visible people from 15 different countries. For the inauguration of the Column, we are planning a district festival with a band and lectures on the topic of connectedness.

Furthermore, the Hamburg Journal (NDR) is interested in documenting the construction of the column.

P.S.: At the moment, intensive work is being done on a bilingual website. Everything on the topic of the Column of Connectedness is presented there in an understandable way and the current developments are documented in a blog.

Two important innovations to the column:
In the steps in the base of the Column, the word connectedness will now also be readable in Ukrainian (зв’язаність).
I rejected the idea of immortalizing names in the Column on an information board.* If there are “only” 50 names there at the end, the question arises why not 100 or 1000 names and then more unnecessary questions will be asked. It’s about the connectedness and not about individual supporters.

So if you wanted to be mentioned by name on the Column as a Thank You during crowdfunding, I will comfort you with a differen Thank You. Please let me know if you are okay with it. We’re sure to find a balance! And now stay tuned!

*Update: I’ve changed my mind in the meantime – see News.


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