The Location will be changed

The developments on the Column continue. There were now several discussions with the local politicians, tradespeople, round tables and cultural workers.

The project can only be implemented as a concerted action, because it is about nothing less than a socio-political statement. So everyone who is directly or indirectly involved with it really has to be brought on board. What I initially wanted to prevent, because “many cooks spoil the broth”, I now consider inevitable. This leads to a lot of delays. Above all, there were a few politicians who wanted to have a say and so I have now been to the regional assembly twice to explain the concept and everything to do with the Column in detail and to answer questions.

The location originally offered by the district administration has been cancelled again, since all factions after a site inspection have recognized that the column needs a more central and larger space. There are now four possible locations under discussion. All parliamentary groups have approved the motion!

Now it is the administration’s turn again to release one of these places. I can’t say when that will be, but I’ll stay close to clarify it. Only then can the total costs be fixed and the missing funds collected from sponsors and the district’s special funds.

And on a personal note: I injured my hand in the summer and have only recently been able to write and draw again. Some things slipped through my mind regarding your support. If you’re still waiting for your “thank you” let me know! In any case, I’m still missing some portraits (the photos I need as a basis for the portrait drawing).

If you still need an invoice, get in touch. Thanks!

Sincerely, Björn

P.S.: If you like, you can look at a small Column Of Connectedness that is installed at Weddinger Weg 53. It is made of wood and ceramics, 2.5 m high and shows family and neighbors as profiles.


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