We invite you to the inauguration

The column is now freely accessible and we cordially invite you to

the inauguration on August, 2023 at 7 p.m., Schweriner Straße, 22143 Hamburg

After the steps were placed around the Column a few days ago, the paving work was completed and the special use has now expired, the barriers were removed. Now all that’s missing is the electricity, which required an exhausting back-and-forth to be connected. For the inauguration, we will temporarily connect the column and then it will take a while before a new power box is installed, from which the column can then permanently cover its minimum power requirements.

An information board on the Column will soon read:

Welcome to the Column of Connectedness

This work of art represents a feeling. A feeling that knows no borders and yet holds us together: as a family, as a community, as a society and as a world. Here in the heart of Rahlstedt and beyond, this Column wants to create awareness. It shows 72 portraits of people of different ages and origins from our district, as a sign of togetherness, understanding and as a meeting place for all of us.

What does connectedness mean to you? Who are you connected to?

The sponsors and the team are named on a second board.

Link to NDR-video • • • Link zum SAT1-video

Säule der Verbindenheit


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Wow! I am overwhelmed! This was an exciting conclusion to the crowdfunding with an unexpected finale, € 19,305 – fantastic! I thank you very much

Willkommen zurück!

Welcome back!