Update on the Column of Connectedness

Little happened for a good two months because I was paralysed with a torn thumb ligament. Now it’s slowly coming back.

In the meantime, however, a lot has been going on in the background:

  1. Inspired by conversations with the artist Bernd Stöcker, who has some sculptures here in Rahlstedt, I decided to make the base of the column significantly slimmer. The focus is now more on the pillar and less on the steps and seating. This concept is more suitable for other locations, as it saves space.
  2. At the last district meeting on September 1st, 2021, the majority of parties voted in favor of the Column in Rahlstedt, but the location is being renegotiated because some factions consider it unsuitable and would like to see the Column more prominently. That’s good news, because with a more central place, the Column also gets the urgency and importance it deserves. One disadvantage is that it is now taking longer than expected to implement.
  3. A few profiles are missing.


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Wow! I am overwhelmed! This was an exciting conclusion to the crowdfunding with an unexpected finale, € 19,305 – fantastic! I thank you very much

Willkommen zurück!

Welcome back!